A Few More Notes for New Sitters

A few notes about our experiences with new Sitters:

     When we first started, during a Seance one of our Sitters was sensitive enough to feel a spirit hand wrap around her own wrist. Unfortunately, the Sitter was not sensitive enough to perceive the source of that hand and touch. Or, perhaps in her surprise she did not think to notice whose hand it was that she was receiving the contact from. Consequentially, she labeled that experience with a negative spin. This same Sitter was also perturbed that, when we moved to a new location, we performed a famous Native American prayer to create a sacred space and we did not think to do the prayer specifically in Jesus’ name. She left our group in short order, and that event is documented in the early seance posts.
     Recently, we had two new Sitters join us. It had been a very long time since we had opened our circle up to new Sitters, perhaps more than a year. After Sitter #1 attended her first seance we asked her about her experience. She said at times she had been “absolutely terrified.” She found that she was concerned because she knew me, Medium Victoria, and it had been evident that during the Seance I had “gone away” and new prescences had come in to speak to the group, These presences were people in Spirit: several males and one with a big, booming voice. These beings had not walked in with us to the circle as corporeal beings when we all sat down to get started.
     Sitter #1 managed each time to periodically get her terror and fright under control, and then would have another bout of it when more phenomena occured. She also told us that, ahead of time, we had told her everything that would happen yet until she experienced it she didn’t realize how intense the experience would be. Sitter #2 had a wonderful and enjoyable time at the same seance and had no fear whatsoever.
     In reference to any thoughts of negativity, we always start out with protection prayers and an uplifting harmonizing of energies before we start any seance. There are protectors both here on the physical plane as well as in Spirit. It can cause concern for new Sitters to hear the sometimes strange noises I make as I go through the process of releasing into trance, or when the ectoplasm is released. It can also be startling to hear clicks and raps and other sounds in a darkened room and which come from places that no Sitter is near.
     I always have my husband (of 34 years), Circle Leader George, watching over my physical well-being. George is a medium and it is he who leads the circle and often connects with Mikhail to determine if it is time to gently assist me back. He and other Sitters monitor the sensitive energy of the group, both in the physical and etheric planes. In addition, on the Spirit side there are many lovely and high-vibration beings in attendance at each seance. My Guardian is ALWAYS present, as is Mikhail, the Chemists, and many, many others known to us.
     As always, the best way to protect yourself from entities who may be at a lower or slightly denser level is to raise your own vibratory state. You can do this by thinking of something cute and adorable, such as a puppy dog, a kitty cat, or a loved one. You can sing joyfully or imagine yourself on or in an elevator, or attached to a balloon, that raises you up, up, up. You can open your heart and feel the love that you have for others or yourself. Anything that brings you to a place of joy, peace, and love brings about an unequivocal exclusion of lower vibrations. This is one reason as to why we are so stringent about our Sitters and their emotional and mental states.
     And lastly, there is nothing evil or negative in our seances. In the beginning it took me about a month to learn to trust in those in Spirit who are a part of this circle, to trust our Sitters and dear friends who join me on the physical plane, and frankly to trust myself. This process has also been documented in the early stages of our development on this blog. 

By Medium Victoria

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  1. Sitter #1 who initially experienced some fright overcame that feeling after a bit of familiarity and continued on as a valuable member of our circle, for which we are very glad.

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