Seance Schedule

Before the Seance, Meeting Room

We gather in the first (meeting) room for 20-30 minutes to socialize as we harmonize our energies and wind down from the day.

Pre-Seance, Seance Room

We all move to the seance room. Medium Victoria often gives readings, does transfigurations, and similar activity. Occasionally we have had special events such as billet readings or flower readings.

We specifically invite and welcome loved ones, and those in Spirit who had or have an interest or accomplishment in mediumship or healing, to join our circle and assist from their etheric plane.

Circle Leader George opens up the circle and reads our intentions, evocation and prayer. He also takes the Sitters through a brief exercise to build and focus the energy in the room.

Three songs are played and sung to by the Sitters: Amazing Grace, In The Garden, and You Raise Me Up.

During the Seance, Seance Room

You may not experience anything or you may receive a touch, feel a temperature change, feel energy, see sparks, lights or mist, hear raps or knocks, see the trumpet’s luminescent tape show a hand or shadow moving over it, see the luminescent trumpet move, hear voices from the medium or from elsewhere in the room, hear a toy (laid out on a table) move or make a sound, smell a fragrance, or be aware of other presences. You may also see or experience loved ones or other manifestations or phenomena.

You can ask to hold your neighbor’s hand. If you feel fear or distress, be sure to tell Circle Leader George.

If something wonderful happens, tell the other Sitters in the circle.

End of Seance, Seance Room

Circle Leader George will assist medium Victoria out of trance. There may be a closing song played and sung to by the Sitters.

Post Seance, Seance Room

We often talk about what has just happened. Some Sitters elect to sit inside the cabinet at this time in order to feel it’s interior energy or to help tune themselves¬†in to Spirit.

After Seance, Meeting Room

We adjourn back to the first meeting room where refreshments are served and we enjoy more discussion.

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