Transfiguration, Touching, Energy, Lights, Answers: 2012, Sensitivity, Soul Facets, Animals: Seance 8-20-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria (in a wheelchair) and George, Barbara, Emily, and myself.  Before we started, we danced to a video “Where in the world is Matt?”.  Victoria was in a chair in her cabinet, curtains opened, with her broken leg on a stool.   Again, we moved the chairs in a semi-circle close around Victoria and grouped the majority of the crystals/clusters collection around the inside of the cabinet with a few beneath Victoria’s chair and stool. Tonight, George turned out the light and Victoria started with messages.  Even before the messages, Victoria was doing transfigurations: I saw my sister Jean, several other women unknown to me, several red, male Native American faces, and several brown/black African-American faces, as well.  Emily, also, saw the Native American faces. Messages have been omitted.

George, then, opened the circle with the prayer of protection and the tape of songs with which we sing along.  On the third song,  “You Raised Me Up,” Bartholomew came through with a hearty “Ho, my dear friends!  I am here on your plane as a representative of many individuals on the Other Side who find great pleasure in conversing with you.”

George said, “We welcome you.  Thank you for coming.  This time we’re prepared with questions.”

Barbara said she had questions.  “What is going to happen at the end of 2012?  Will it be disaster and destruction as we have been hearing, or merely some sort of major change or shift?” Bartholomew replied that the Earth has gone through many shifts and changes throughout time so man must adjust as best he can.  The changes that are coming won’t be anything bad, though.  [I’m sure there was more but I don’t remember anything else.]

Emily said that her question was a selfish one. Bartholomew replied, “We are all self-aware and being selfish is not necessarily a bad thing.” Emily asked what she can do to make herself more aware of spirit being around her. Bartholomew said that it was much like driving a car.  “At first, your focus is on the road ahead and you’re not really aware of other cars on the road around you.  Eventually, you progress and begin to notice the cars around you.  You become comfortable with the mechanics of the process and increase your awareness of what’s around you.  The same will happen as you begin to understand the energy dynamics involved and become comfortable in an energy setting.  Knowing that you want to see them will attract spirits who want to interact with you, who “want to be seen” (my words).  “Be patient and learn and develop when the time is right.”

George asked about something but my mind is blank about what it might have been.  George, then, asked if anyone else had a question.  I said I did.  “Would you explain more about astral shadows?”

“Ho!  Astral shadows are different aspects or facets of a soul on different planes of existence, like separate individuals within a single soul.  If one part of the soul incarnates, sometimes another part, or individual, will follow.”

Barbara asked what guide helps her with her art?  Her mother came forward to say that she does.

I asked, “Do humans ever re-incarnate as animals or vice-versa?” Bartholomew said, “Animals do evolve but on their own evolutionary path.  They learn and grow in a similar way to humans and progress to higher planes but they do not become humans.”  They might become a higher species of animal, though.  Humans and animals interact and learn from each other but don’t share evolutionary paths.

Other forms of manifestation involved touching.  Victoria was touched on her leg.  Barbara was touched on her hand, I think.  And Emily was touched on her neck, I believe.

Barbara saw a black and white shadow spirit between Emily and herself (white in the middle) that climbed onto Emily’s lap – a dog or cat – “a tricolor,” Emily said, “white on its breast and belly.”

Victoria said that Mikhail was dressed in a cloak and standing behind her, doing something with the back of her head: “making a smile on the back of my head.”  Right at the end of the session, Victoria said a young woman with red hair in a short cut, and slender, came in.  I feel that it was my sister, Jean.

There was much energy movement going on.  There was a floating river of energy like a flying carpet, blue, floating above the cabinet and over towards Barbara.  There was white energy moving just above the floor in front of George and between George and myself.  There was an energy “pouf” of white light around Emily’s head.  There were sparkling gems of white light all around the cabinet and the room.  There was green healing light in front of Emily and Barbara.

By Sitter Karen V.

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