Transfiguration, Visitors, Stars, Sparks, Light, Mist: Seance 3-19-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Radana, and myself.   We started out by om-ing and then sang along with a tape of “Amazing Grace” and “You Raised Me Up”, and “Old McDonald”.  I sat in a different place tonight – in the front between George and Radana; Barbara was across from me.  I set up the crystal area as usual but had some additional crystal clusters and several pyramid crystals.

The first thing I noticed was that the standing trumpet seemed to grow in size again and it moved around – twirled and moved up and down while the luminescent bands remained stationary.

Victoria’s face was surrounded by white light or white cloud or mist.  Also, I saw her face transform to an oriental face – Chinese or Japanese, young, smooth white complexion, contrasted by long, shiny, straight, jet-black hair.  I mentioned that someone from our writing class has a guide named “Lotus Blossom”.  At this point, Victoria saw a beautiful Lotus-flower open on water.  Then, I saw Victoria’s face transform to a man’s face.  Just after that, I saw my Oriental Arts and Culture and Flower-Arranging professor, Dr. Pearl Hsu (from my freshman year at college), at the top of the trumpet.

Victoria said an uncle of mine (in spirit) was there.  As I’m thinking now of her description of a slightly balding man with his hair slicked back, I see my Uncle Charlie in my mind’s eye (my mother’s brother).

Barbara and George saw Radana’s grandmother by her and Radana said she felt her grandmother touch her shoulder.  As George said that, I saw s bright spark in front of Radana.

Victoria told Barbara that a vey close female relative of Barbara’s was standing next to her.  As he said that, I saw a bright spark in front of Barbara.

George saw a figure to his right.  I was aware of a white shadow next to me that I felt was my mother.

Victoria welcomed some famous mediums, including Shiri, to the circle.  I welcomed Clen Clendenning (a Canadian medium now in spirit).  Victoria also said that her guide, Mikhail, was there and I welcomed Archangel Michael, also.

Victoria said Norman was there and he told her he missed his angel (Maxie).  We welcomed him to the circle.

There was a lot of activity around the standing horn.  There was white light or mist swirling and spinning around it.  When we sang, the small light at the top of the horn lined up into 2 columns of 2 lights each and brightened exponentially.  At one point, I saw the star tetrahedron crystal at the top of the horn (I forgot to take notice later if the star tetrahedron crystal had physically moved.).

At one point, I saw bright purple surround the horn and then, I saw the ceiling over the altar open up to the dark but bright night sky and stars and prevailing winds.  George said he had been sending energy through his hands to the green obsidian pyramid crystal at that moment.  I was drawn up into the sky and was made aware of all the coordinated movements of the stars, planets, earth, and other heavenly bodies and universes which are always in motion.  I saw flashes of lightning in several areas; Barbara saw stars and sparks of light everywhere.

Victoria or George said they saw my grandmother on my father’s side standing with me.  I welcomed her and thanked her for coming.

I saw a yellow or golden light around Redana, at one point – I think when Barbara said she saw Redana’s grandmother there and Redana’s grandmother was tickling her.

I don’t remember hearing any sounds or smelling any scents or seeing any symbols. It was cold in the room but comfortable.

Personal Notes: (My dog) Kenzie and I sat in the hammock and I listened and danced to Strauss waltzes today.

By Sitter Karen V.

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