Transfiguration, White Mist and Sparkles, Bartholomew Speaks: Seance 8-6-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria (in a wheelchair) and George, Barbara, Emily, and myself.  Victoria was in her wheelchair in her cabinet, her broken leg in a cast and sticking out, curtains opened.  There was one addition to our crystal collection: a basket of crystal and Lemurian crystal laser wands of all sizes. And, I brought a vase of freshly picked red canna lilies and purple beautyberries and leaves.  Tonight, Victoria had planned on starting with a meditation; however, her guides had other ideas — she brought through messages from our flower guides (omitted).

While Victoria was bringing through these flower guides, she was, also, manifesting transfiguration.  There were several different faces, mostly of women unknown to me, but with something familiar about them.  Every second or third face was Shiri’s, at different stages of her life, mostly the one most known to us.  Also, Victoria manifested John Lilek’s face, which Barbara and Emily also saw.  Barbara said she could see Victoria’s face change but could not recognize any other faces except for John Lilek’s.

 George, then, turned out the red light and opened the circle with our prayer of protection and songs.  Also, we did three deep breaths to raise our vibrational levels.

At this point and throughout the séance, Barbara was seeing white mists and sparkles, especially in the cabinet.  Emily said that tonight was the first time she had seen flashes of light out of the corners of her eyes, throughout the séance.

Before the songs were finished, Victoria was doing deep breathing and beginning to attempt to manifest voices.  Shortly thereafter, Bartholomew came through with a “Ho!  I’m here.  We’re so grateful for your willingness to participate in communications with Our Side.  Bear with us while we attempt to re-create the procedures to accomplish the difficult process of communication between worlds.  We prefer to use a [spiritual] battery rather than to use your personal energies directly.”  Most of what Bartholomew said was spoken so quietly that even George, who sits closest to the cabinet of all of us, could barely catch a word here and there.  Hopefully, the recorder did catch it all and the volume can be enhanced!

George asked if they experience rain on the Other Side?  We seemed to lose the voice again so George suggested we breathe deeply again, and play the recording of the three songs again and sing to bring up our vibrations.  Bartholomew thanked us for our willingness to work to raise our energy levels to make things easier for them.  Meanwhile, they are working on their end to increase the volume [of the manifested voices].  Bartholomew’s voice boomed once more during the songs: “Here am I, my friends.”

Emily asked if the thunderstorms moving through our area could be causing electrical interference and dropped connections?  Bartholomew mumbled something about the battery not being charged properly because we had not established a connection with them across the divide.  Bartholomew tried several times to increase his volume and to come through loud and strong, without success.

Finally, he said he had to go but they all would be back to try again.  We thanked him for his perseverance.  Then, George began talking Victoria back.

 When Victoria was back, she said that Mikael had not taken her to the caverns this time.  She had not gone out-of-body easily or returned easily.  When coming back, she was a bit freaked out because her right arm was not returning with the rest of her body.  Her guides told her that she needed to trust that they were taking care of her body and that she would be fine.  George continued to calmly talk her back and her arm was fine when she was able to return fully.

She said that, at that point, there was a man and a woman standing in front of her – a broad-shouldered man and a small woman.  George suggested that they might be connected to him but Victoria said no.  Perhaps, they had something they wanted to say but were not able to come through?

Victoria said, also, that, for the first time, she heard us talking in the circle when she returned.  She recognized my voice.  Indeed, I had been talking, trying to repeat what Bartholomew said.  The fact that Victoria heard us is probably an indication that she had returned early and did not want to go back out-of-body.

At one point, I felt a sharp pain in my left temple, which moved, then, to the middle of my forehead (in the vicinity of my third eye).  The pain could have been caused by the low pressure of the storm system (Storm Ernesto) or was I picking up Victoria’s pain?

By Sitter Karen V.

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