Transfigurations, Healing Information, Bartholomew & 3 Others Speak: Seance 7-9-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Radana, Emily, and myself. Victoria was in her cabinet, curtains opened.  She said there was more than one spirit with her in the cabinet.  I saw her face transfigure to many different faces in the space of a few seconds.  Some of the faces seemed somewhat familiar but did not last long enough for me to identify.

Victoria started by giving messages (omitted). Maxine came to Victoria through mental telepathy.  Victoria figured that Maxine was probably thinking about us.  I asked her the following day if she had, indeed, been thinking about us and she said that she had; in fact, she had almost come to the circle.

George then began our protection ritual  to open the circle, and invited in our guides and guardians, families and friends in spirit, as well as Harry Edwards and Shiri.  We om’d and sang the usual three songs: “Amazing Grace” by Pavarotti, “In the Garden” by Loretta Lynn, and “You Raised Me Up” by Josh Groban.

Emily asked for a healing for Harry, a tiny rescue kitty who would not eat.  Barbara asked for a healing for Rick.  I asked for a healing for Terry for his arthritis.  Radana asked for a healing for someone she knows who is sick.

Before we finished singing, Victoria sort of choked, and when we finished, Bartholomew came through right away: “Ho!”   He said there were many who came through with him, that they were right there with us – in our realm – and that later he would introduce us to a young girl.

Suddenly, there was a healing guide there to help with little Harry, and to instruct us how to use light to balance the distortions we cause in our bodies that bring us pain and suffering.  Barbara asked if that healing technique was similar to Reiki.  “It’s all healing energy,” he said (or something like that).  We should surround those we want to heal with the White Light of Christ.  Bartholomew mentioned, also, that the animal realm is right here with us, as well.

During a lull, Radana asked if we should ask questions. And Bartholomew replied, “Ask away.”  Radana could not think of anything to ask on short notice, so George asked how we could help raise the energy level in the room?  “Sing,” was the reply.  So we lamely sang “B-I-N-G-O” and “Do-Re-Mi” and “Jingle Bells”.

Barbara asked what life is like on the Other Side?  “Active, very active, lots to do.  Get-togethers in great halls to socialize.”

Emily asked if it was hard for them to make the connection through the veil?  “Difficult, very difficult to do so.  Very complex process.”  Bartholomew said that that was why he was there – to act as a bridge between worlds. It seemed like every time we sang or om’d, Bartholomew’s voice would come through loud and clear.

George asked Bartholomew how long he had been on the Other Side?  “Eight hundred or so years.” He said that he’s working to ascend to other levels, and now he works as a bridge, assisting others to communicate through the veil.

After three voices came through (and spoke to us), suddenly Bartholomew said that it was time for them to go back but they would return again.  We thanked them for their time and effort and said that we looked forward to the next time. Then, George called Victoria back.

When Victoria was back, she said that she had panicked at some point and wanted to come back but when George had called her back, she wasn’t ready to come back.  She thought only about ten or fifteen minutes had gone by but the recorder showed one hour and fifteen minutes.

She said, also, that right after she had finished giving messages she saw a male spirit walk between Emily and me and one was standing between Barbara and Radana.

For some reason, I was not comfortable with my position sitting in the circle; it seemed dark and “not right”.  I had my eyes closed for the first messages and when I finally opened them, I was startled to find myself sitting where I was.  I felt like I was at the end of the room instead of on the side of the room (next to George), which feels more comfortable to me.  Also, it was too difficult to hear what the voices were saying.

I held the small star tetrahedron, again, and the small crystal ball.  Next time, I want to try holding the largest crystal ball (given to me by my friend Jamie Luquette).  Maybe I will attract her spirit to come to the circle.

By Sitter Karen V.

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