Trumpet Moved, Plasma, Singing Energy Notes. Seance 1-30-12

My spirit control Mikhail says the infrared light is a “necessary burden.” He’s probably aware that my husband and I are technical and proof-oriented.

After reviewing our blogs I noticed we got better results when we did the karaoke outside of the seance room before starting, so we have resumed that with just three songs or so being played and sung to once we are sitting for the seance. After this, the sitters are mostly silent with some commentary and observations.

The last seance produced a substance out of my eyes. Previously I have felt touches and a substance out of my right ear, numerous times out of my throat and out of my mouth. This substance has a texture that varies from a fine mist to a film that draped over my bottom lip onto my chin and then six inches down onto my chest. It feels like a silk scarf.

This evening the trumpet moved again. While we have many other items on the “toy table,” some of which are more round and roll-y, I find it significant that the other items have remained in place (we have paper under the items with each having an outline drawn ¬†around it), while the trumpet appears to have been lifted and set down in a slightly different place. The shape of the trumpet makes it much less likely to slide or roll naturally than the other objects.

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