Victoria Commentary #2: The Gawker

I had no idea that physical mediumship could be so sensory. I had previously formed the notion that to go into trance I would simply put myself into a deep, deep meditation, fall “asleep” into a trance state, physical phenomena would ensue to be viewed by the sitters, and I would consequentially awaken and be told of the events that had transpired. Well, that is not how it worked, at least at first.

Initially, we sang in total darkness and I progressed into a practiced, deeply meditative state. I sensed Mikhail in front of me, so I looked up and was quite surprised to see more than thirty people in spirit surrounding our group of nine on the physical plane. The circle of spirits (I am going to call them standers) looked to be standing at least three-deep in an outer circle around us, and were clearly lit with their own internal light (in other words, I could see the standers even though in our physical plane it was pitch black).

I am ashamed to say, this is when I found out I am a gawker. Imagine if you sat down in a small group and then looked up to find yourself in the midst of an unexpected crowd. It might surprise you enough to gaze around at the startling sight in wonderment. I hadn’t realized that there were so many people helping us in spirit, and concurrently I realized that there were many more that eight other people waiting on me to develop and perform – there was an abundant group in spirit as well. This spirit group could easily have numbered as many as fifty; they stood piled up one behind the other and I lost track of individuals.

This went on for quite a while, with Mikhail in front of me, the chemist, and assorted and sundry. I was like a country mouse visiting the big city. I had become excited, and throughout the next week I was gently and repeatedly told by my guides to calm down. Lesson learned? Keep your focus on what you are there to do, regardless of the unexpected. You are going to meet a great many beings in spirit, and learn about a number of jobs they perform. No matter what curve-balls come your way, remain peaceful and calm, at least while you are “working.” You can always talk and release your excitement with your friends later.

By Victoria, Medium

Drawing by Sitter Barbara H.

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