Victoria Speaks with Guardian and Mikhail

Guardian: “You are doing very well, keep up the good work. Reside in happiness and joy evermore for true contentment. Reach out, reach back, reach beyond.”

Victoria: “What do you think of the physical mediumship?”

Guardian: “Victoria, you do what you choose to do.”

Victoria: “Your opinion?”

Guardian: “There are many great souls in Spirit who welcome the chance to communicate from the great beyond into your time and space.”

Victoria: “Do you feel this is worthwhile?”

Guardian: “Your safety factors are a concern priority. Submit yourself to this trial and reap the rewards promised.”

Victoria: I saw a pic of me curled up and falling, then being caught and lifted back up.

Guardian: “You have to deal with the consequences. What are they? Fatigue, distress, disorientation.”

Victoria: “Should I not pursue this?”

Guardian: “I will be with you.”

Victoria: “Is that all you can say without interfering too much?”

Guardian: “Yes. The path to righteousness takes it’s toll on the heavily burdened.”

Victoria: “Do you know Mikhail?”

Guardian: “I am aware of him. He is a great man in his own realm.”

Victoria: “Is he someone I can trust in, to do the ectoplasm?

Guardian: “There will always be doubt on your side until you are confident and have built trust.”

Victoria: “Can I trust him with the ectoplasm?”

Guardian: “I believe he has the best intent.”

Victoria: “I want more, please.”

Guardian: “Victoria, the choices you make in your life are yours alone. I am here to guide and protect you. I will perform this admirably.”

Victoria: “Anything else?”

Guardian: “I would like to speak with you about the burden you place in your time and continuum.”

Victoria: “(you mean) I need to meditate.”

Guardian: “Now you turn folly into wisdom.”

Mikhail: “There are many things I would like to relay. Be calm. Open the doorway to your being by simply trusting the intent to do so.  As the energy mixes with the plasma, it is reduced down to a core vial (container).”

Victoria: “I can not release unless I am confident regarding safety.”

Mikhail: “Safe journey, we will bring you back.”

Victoria: He showed me a picture of him holding my hand and us flying thru the air like Superman and Lois Lane.

Mikhail: “You need to trust that I will not let you fall.”

Victoria’s Grandmother: “Keep a smile on your face for all to see.”

Victoria: “Your thoughts on the Physical Mediumship?”

Victoria’s Grandmother: “Exciting.”

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