Victoria Commentary #1: 8-1-11 Seance

It is our first “dark room” meeting of our physical mediumship group and I have eight other interested people joining me. Before going into the dark room I had passed out and reviewed some printed material and photos that documented a physical medium whose sitter forgot what she was doing and grabbed the ectoplasm that was near her. The medium got a bloody nose and was bruised.
I also spoke briefly to everyone about the need for us to have a harmonic energy vibration. Although it is only from hearing about the practice of a few other physical mediums, everyone emptied their pocket contents into baggies to be left outside the dark room, and we took off our heavy-metal jewelry and watches.
Satisfied that those in the group had been informed on what not to do, we turned off all the lights. “Now what?” I thought. We sang a few songs and were appalled that we had trouble remembering all of the words to the simple song, “I’ve been workin’ on the railroad”! I then announced that I intended to go into trance, while wondering aloud how I would know how long to keep attempting it since we had all left our watches outside. As a group we put out the intention for a twenty minute session, and away I went.  -Victoria

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