Victoria gets Advice from Mikhail

Mikhail: (meditation advice) “As you think these thoughts, release your mind. Release your heart center, release the temptation to dwell. Go within.
There are many things I would like to speak with you about. Firstly is TRUST. Trust your senses, trust your vibration, trust what you are doing. For it is with each fabric that we discover the truth inherent in it’s form. Release your worries, release your cares, float along. Drift. Expand your consciousness. Our connection will be much better.
Possibilities are endless. Nature calls to you. Feel it’s passion, fell it’s glory, magnificence and splendor. Relax, meditate on new horizons. Glory personified… tender mercies… Float… Dream…
Wrap your arms around the wide world. Hold it in your grasp, release, let it go. Surrender. Magnanimous and joyful are we in our inner glory. Move ahead, move past the barriers. We are one, together. Release, set free.”

Victoria: It occurred to me that we could use this meditation for others, and then I though perhaps it wouldn’t be as good for someone else, and then I realized I was thinking too much and I should get my ego out of the way… I had to chuckle a bit.

Mikhail: “With joy we experience the trappings of humanity. Relax. Go within. Sacred. Sanctum. Sanctify. Wish to discuss a measured brilliance. Release, let go. In our inner sanctum we find peace and tranquility. Reach out to the summit, brilliant before you. Glorious. Extrapolate the meaning behind these words. White caverns. This is a sacred place. Sit down in the circle. Watch the fire rise before you.”

Victoria: I saw a wall of light/fire.

Mikhail: “This is a doorway.”

Victoria: I went through.

Mikhail: “Rest, tranquility. Victoria, we must go home now. Wake up, wake up. The gift of light/life. Up, up and away. This is how to proceed on your spiritual journey, in your soul. Namaste. Remember this space.”

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