Voices, Sounds, Light Flashes, Instruction, Touches: Seance 11-28-11

Tonight it was a small (but powerful) group – Barbara, Maxine, Radana, George, Victoria, and me (Karen).

Circle tonight was full of energy.  We started out saying the Lord’s Prayer, then singing “Do-Re-Mi” and “Jingle Bells”; then “He Raised Me Up” (or something like that) on tape.  It’s a wonderful song, makes you feel good.  We hummed along with the tape.  After we finished singing, George rang the bell and we started.

The song echoed long after in the room:  I heard a multitude of voices, individual voices, low and high voices, singing, “echoing” the lat song.  The voices talked and sang.  Radana also heard the voices.

I felt a huge dome of energy above and around us.  At the same time I could hear heavy, rhythmic breathing.  I believe I heard the breathing with my physical ears and the singing with my inner ears.  I heard the message: “You don’t need ears to hear or eyes to see.”  (The vision in my left eye is very blurry and impaired with black squiggles but totally blurred this time.)  I heard the singing for a long time and then a kind of humming sound (louder than mosquitos humming but not too loud).

I saw the standing trumpet with its 4 illuminated bands, and 4 small lights at the top situated like the neck of a guitar, and 2 small lights to the bottom left of the fourth band (in the vicinity of the small trumpet).

I closed my eyes and saw a short, squiggly blue light to the center left of me and several shooting stars to the left and right of me.  Then the second band of light on the standing trumpet disappeared and re-appeared.

I heard sort of a “rocking” sound, even and rhythmic but not too loud.

I was very aware of the dome of energy at this time and saw a red-orange flash just to the left of center, then green and blue patches of light, a white patch of light above and behind Maxine, to my left, and another above and between Radana and Barbara, to my right.

I held up my hands early on to send Reiki energy to “the primary medium” (Victoria) rather than to other mediums in the circle.  I was thinking to myself that I would like to send energy in another way to the spirits who might be helping us and who might need additional energy.  I was told that all I had to do was to smile, that I had no idea how powerful a physical smile can be – that it actually sends out a massive burst of energy when you smile up to including your eyes.

I closed my eyes to focus on feeling any touches by spirit (felt none).  Both George and Radana mentioned that they had been touched on the shoulder.

Then, I thought I heard Victoria say something or sort of cry out.  Then, George said it was time for Victoria to come back.  Then, I heard a railroad whistle or gong.  Then, Victoria was back saying someone she did not know had stepped into her body.  She said Shiri had stepped forward early on and Victoria had heard her voice and recognized it as Shiri’s.  Victoria said she had gone very far out – through the veil which she saw as a wall of fire, to the white caverns and further.  She was surprised to see that there is a lot more on the other side than we normally think there is.  Barbara said that she was very aware that Victoria had gone so far “out” this time.  Victoria’s guides and guardians wanted her “out of body” so control could be relinquished to whomever “took over” her body.  Victoria also mentioned that she couldn’t really hear what the step-in had said or done.  She did see one of her guides with a small bird in his hand.  As I’m typing this, I remember  seeing a hawk (I think) killing a red Cardinal as we drove into my brother’s driveway up in Grand Island, FL, over the Thanksgiving holiday.

It’s possible the “rocking” sounds and the railroad sounds were actually attempts by spirit to use the trumpet.  I’m just not sure.  They might be interpreted as “hollow” sounds?

Personal Notes: It was raining out today and I ached all over.  I spent my day going through advertisement circulars, taking a nap, cooking a turkey breast for turkey sandwiches.  I changed to a “happy” shirt and old jeans for circle and Barbara picked me up as my left eye is acting up again & I can’t see out of it.

We all sat and talked for quite a while before beginning  – about a name for the healing center, what’s been going on over the past week, etc.  

-By Sitter Karen V.

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