We Meet the Voice of Mary and Others: Seance 4-9-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Radana, and me (Karen).  First, Victoria gave messages (omitted).

George opened the circle with our protection ritual  and we sang “Amazing Grace”, “When the Dew Is Still On The Rose”, and “You Raise Me Up” and then, we “om’d” three times.

Just before we got underway, Victoria said someone touched her on her arm and asked could we see or feel anything there?  Each of us could feel the centralized heat in that spot.  I don’t know about anyone else but I couldn’t see anything.

I saw several areas of “white” energy or white mist around the room and rapidly moving white spirits out of the corner of my eye, especially in front of Victoria and Radana.

At first, only two luminescent bands of the standing trumpet were visible, then, three.  At the beginning of the singing, the standing trumpet began growing higher and higher.

Each of us was clearly touched by spirit; Barbara on her hair on the top of her head; Radana on her leg (she felt it was her dog); me on the back of my arm; and also George (I can’t remember where).

Victoria started bringing through voices right away.  A woman’s voice, first, saying “I’m here.” Or “It’s good to be here.”  When George asked for a name and was given “Mary,” Barbara replied, “Mary, Mary, quite contrary,” and the spirit tee-hee’d.  Then, someone said something like “being full of joy”.  Except for the word, “joy”, it was difficult to make out the rest of the words.  A deep man’s voice came through.  Possibly, the name was “William” or “Willie”.  Mary said, “Laughter is the umbrella that keeps you dry.”  And, “Laughter is good for the soul.”

We invited our guides, well-known spirits, and famous mediums now-in-spirit, like Stewart Edward White, Betty White, Shiri, Norman, etc. Victoria later said she saw Norman standing right in front of her, looking very bright and dapper.  Also, her guide, Mikhail.

Barbara said she saw sparks of light everywhere. A voice said, “We see you.”

At one point, the room seemed to be fairly light with areas of white energy.  Then, suddenly, it seemed to get very dark.

At the end Victoria asked George if he could feel tears below her eyes.  She couldn’t believe it when he said, “No.” Barbara said she saw a lot of teal tonight, in the room and behind her eyes.

There didn’t seem to be any messages specifically for me, nor were any of my spirit-friends or guides present that I was aware of.  I didn’t see any symbols or geometrics or colors or sparks of light, either.

I sent Reiki energy through the crystals to Victoria and Barbara, in particular, and to the spirits. I wondered if my energy level was low tonight because I’d had a headache before we started.  I was holding the two crystals from Shiri and the Window Pyramid crystal to help with the energy.

Victoria said Mikael had taken her to the White Caverns as he usually did (though he didn’t in the last seance). We laughed a lot tonight and the spirits seemed pleased with that.

George said his fingertips were tingly at the same time I felt pricking in my thumbs and index finger (left hand). I felt the pricking of my second and fourth fingers while holding the 2 crystals from Shiri and the Window Pyramid crystal. Nothing seemed to be moved as far as we could tell, except for one tiny citrine pyramid crystal.

Afterwards Victoria found it hard to believe she had brought through many voices while being totally unaware of it.  She didn’t recognize the recorded voices as having been generated by herself.

The recorder captured one hour and 15 minutes for the session.  It has taken me longer than that to write down my impressions.  Go figure!

-By Sitter Karen V.


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