Whispers, Shadow Moving, Scent: Seance 1-30-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Maxine, Radana, and me (Karen). After George rang the bell to open the circle, we sang “Do-Re-Mi”, then, “Jingle Bells”, then accompanied the tape for “Amazing Grace” and “You Raised Me Up”.  I smelled a faint cinnamon scent.

I “saw” a bright spark of light to my far left.1  I also saw several scatterings of sparks and lights – like someone tossed a handful of pebbles – in front of Maxine to my left, above and to the right of the standing trumpet, and above and between Barbara and Redana (to my right), and near the crystals to my left.

I felt a shadow move between me and the luminescent bands of the standing trumpet, and saw the second band disappear while the other bands remained visible. I felt the sideways movement of an arm (did not see an arm, only was aware of movement). I then heard the AC come on and wondered why it was coming on.

I heard a whisper coming from the area between Victoria and George right before George closed the circle.  I could not hear what was said.

in an unused part of the room.  I could not have seen anything with my physical eyes because the retina specialist I am seeing determined today that I don’t have any peripheral vision on my left side due to a vitreous hemorrhage in my left eye back in November, 2011.

By Sitter Karen V. 

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