White and Red Light, Motion, Star Held in Hand, Norman: Seance 3-5-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Maxine, and myself.   We started out by “om-ing” and then sang along with a tape of “Amazing Grace” and “You Raised Me Up”. I sat in a different place tonight – in the front between George and Maxine; Barbara was across from me.

The first thing we all noticed was that the standing trumpet seemed to grow to 8-feet tall.  It seemed to extend up to the ceiling.  Maxine said it also went through the table to the floor.

There was a lot of light and motion around Victoria – white light.  I saw the light and sensed the motion.  There was also a small area of red light to the left of the standing trumpet moving toward the trumpet.

An area of white light moved counter-clockwise around the center table.  The area was about mid-air about the level of our heads and about 2-foot high, kind of like a donut around and over the center table.

At one point, it appeared that Victoria was holding a star in her right hand – it appeared very bright and sparkly. Barbara said she heard knock, knocks coming from the main room.  None of the rest of us heard the knocks.

Toward the end of the séance, I smelled a sort of crisp smell like just-ironed pants and the smell of a steam iron.  Maxine exclaimed that that was Norman (her late husband) – he used to iron everything, even bedsheets.  Victoria said she felt a burning sensation on her shoulder.

Time seemed to speed up: it seemed like we had just gotten started when George announced that Victoria was back.

The five luminous bands  (I wrote ‘5’ but I’m thinking ‘4’) were visible with 2 small lights at the top.  These were randomly blocked out about the same time that I saw and sensed the moving “donut” of light.

Personal Notes: I spent time outside today with (my dog) McKenzie and, also, danced to Strauss waltzes.

By Sitter Karen V.

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