White Lights, Info on Astral Plane, Hello From Mary, Electric Energy: Seance 11-5-12

After the lights went down I noticed some very small white lights moving to the right of where I was sitting.  They moved fast and were sparkly.

The first voice came through bringing greetings.  He spoke about the astral dimension that they were from, describing how it was as solid and real as our own world was to us.  He informed us that he had to travel a great distance to communicate with us.  George asked what we could do to increase the volume.  The answer was that there was nothing we could do.  The voice gave us the analogy of riding a bike… how it takes dedication and practice.  This entity’s voice was came through slurry at times.  I was not able to decipher all the words.

The second voice that came across sounded female and delicate.  Perhaps this was Mary?  She said hello.  We said hello back to her and waited for more.  Nothing else was said.

I know at some point when there were no voices coming thru George suggested that we sing “do re mi”.  I am not sure exactly in what sequence of events that we sang this song.

Just as soon as the first voice came thru I felt an energy happening in my abdominal area.  It had a sort of electrical quality to it.  It was not like anything I have experienced prior.  This sensations were of medium intensity and lasted throughout the channeling.

By Sitter Dawn F.

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