Transfiguration, Clouds, White and Red/Orange Energy, Shadows, New Spirit Group?: Seance 4-8-13

Tonight’s circle consisted of: Nancy, John, Victoria and George, Emily, Maxine, Darlene, Radana, and myself.  I brought the crystals and crystal clusters once again (I didn’t bring them for the prior 2 seances).  Victoria started out in the cabinet giving messages but what she was getting was too garbled [she said].  She was unable to go out-of-body, perhaps because she found she loved being a sitter and didn’t wish to remove herself.  She said, also, that Shiri was there with many other spirits.

The energy in the room was quite high and it started out quite cold in the séance room.  I saw clouds and swirls of white energy around the head of everyone on the other side of the circle [Maxine, Emily, Darlene, John]; the energy may have been around Nancy, Radana, George, and myself, as well but I couldn’t see it from where I sat.  Darlene said she did see it around George and me, also.  I noticed Darlene first, because her face was going through transfiguration for a minute or so, then her face was surrounded with a cloud of white energy.  Maxine’s entire body was “obliterated” by the cloud of energy.  Also, two male energies with barrel chests and broad shoulders sat in her.  Emily totally disappeared from my view.  There was a different energy like a gray shadow either in front of her or between her and myself.  Also, I saw white masks (like medical masks) on Darlene, Emily, and John.  Then, Darlene’s aura changed to red-orange and she was asking everyone if they felt hot, as she did. 

Victoria was present and not out-of-body.  John, Nancy, and George were channeling or could hear the words of spirit. George suggested that it was a “Daniel” or “Rodney” who was speaking.  John said that they wanted to share concepts with us, not words; and we would have to receive the entire concept as a whole, rather than word-by-word.  It’s very difficult to describe the concepts with words.  Also, we will be amazed at the amount and high level of the information that they will be giving us.  Nancy said she saw two men in black with tall black hats like Abraham Lincoln.  They seemed to be saying that we would find the solutions to our problems in the library.  [It just hit me that maybe they mean the Hall of Records?] 

There was a tall, white spirit between Emily and Darlene.  Darlene said that she saw two tall spirits behind Victoria.  Victoria kept asking if anyone else could hear the tapping she heard behind her but no one responded.  Also, there was a white baby spirit between Victoria and George, the baby’s arm reaching out towards the table with the pyramid crystals, pastels, trumpets, and other “toys”. 

The spirits asked for questions.  When no one immediately responded, they asked why we didn’t have questions to ask.  Finally, Emily said she had a question: “Would she be getting the rescued kittens tonight or tomorrow?”  I don’t remember her response.  Radana asked how to increase business at the thrift shop she works at.  Various people in the group gave her several suggestions: a large sign or banner or truck near the road with the name of the business; partnering with various community agencies; advertisements in local free papers; something that will attract a crowd and spread the word by word of mouth. 

Nancy asked if anyone else was feeling tremendous energy in and around her head; everyone answered, “Yes.”  At that point, I was feeling a quick, sharp pain in my right jaw and cheek.  Darlene was feeling very hot.  It seemed that the spirits were working with each of our heads to raise our vibrations.  This seemed like a totally different group of spirits working with us. 

There was a bright, vibrant, colorful energy (red-orange) over the paper and pastels George and I had lain out.  However, the spirits did not use these to create pictures, signs, symbols, or words. 

The sitters did not seem unified tonight (my opinion) but on different wavelengths and not really tuned in to one another.  Afterwards, we found out that Darlene’s sister-in-law had died that day and Victoria and George were dealing with some family issues.  We did not start out by having an opening prayer or singing the usual songs, so our usual “structure” was missing.  It might have helped to hold hands or to pray before we started. 

The other thing that was very different was the energy of this new spirit group.  They did not seem as easy to work with as the previous group had been, perhaps because the former group was more “in tune” with us.  I think maybe it’s not the job of this new group to be agreeable as much as it is to raise our vibrations.  They did not give introductions as to who they were, where they came from, or why they were willing to help us raise our vibrations.  It almost felt like they were saying [non-verbally] that it was time to get serious and to leave the play behind. 

My thought, as I think back over the evening, is that the questions we had been asking at previous séance sessions were beyond the expertise of the former group or beyond the information that they are allowed to share with us.  Therefore, we are now in the care of a group at a higher level.  Does anyone else have any thoughts about that?  And Victoria was complaining that nothing much was happening after a year or more!

By Sitter Karen V.

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